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There is heightened level of care that any freshly re-plastered pool calls for. Through the proper care by a specialized pool technician, your plaster will refrain from cracking or splitting for many years to come.


Keep your pool looking its best and you will always have enjoyable pool seasons.

We are the only company in Tucson with the Porta-Vac system. The 21st century modern way of pool cleaning which gives a much cleaner pool without running the debris through your system.


Not only do you get a cleaner pool, but our service lengthens the lifespan of your own pool cleaning system and filters. This will  save you money in the long term.

We put the dirt in our filter, not yours!

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set your cleaning schedule.


Has your pool recently been re-plastered?

-Remove surface debris

-Vacuum pool

-Brush down plaster

-Clean out baskets

-Check chemical balance

-Add and adjust pool chemicals

-Check pool equipment performance

-Backwash filter or clean cartridge

Our weekly pool cleaning service includes:

No matter the size of your pool or the usage, we look forward to assisting you in its upkeep. Our weekly service is not only flexible, and efficient, but is very reasonably priced compared to other local pool businesses.

Specializing in HOA's, residential pools, and public pools